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A Keeper: Dry Fly Washington Dry Gin From the Jan/Feb 2017 Issue of "The Tasting Panel Magazine" Article

Located in Spokane, award-winning Dry Fly Distilling is the first distillery in the state of Washington since the dark days of Prohibition. It is a true craft distillery that embraces a farm-to-bottle approach, producing their spirits from sustainable, locally grown raw ingredients and pristine water drawn from Pacific Northwest aquifers. Among their roster of world-class offerings is Dry Fly Washington Dry Gin.

Be prepared to be seriously wowed. The Washington Dry Gin is fundamentally different from gins of old, particularly because the flavor and aroma of the juniper berries play a secondary role on the palate and nose to the fresh Fuji apples.

“Ten years ago when we developed our Washington Dry Gin, we decided we wanted to go in a different direction from the rest of the field,” says distillery co-owner Kent Fleischmann. “In comparison to traditional gins, our gin comes across sweet and fragrant with a delightful spray of citrus on the finish. It is remarkably easy to drink.”